About us
About us
GEOTIM company was founded in 1997 as a family–owned enterprise. Our family heritage allowed us to face the challenge and to share our knowledge in the free market. Since the very beginning our motto was to respect deadlines, assure the highest quality of service and satisfy our customers. Initially, our activities were focused on:
– Geodetic engineering – crane and crane carts raceways main measurements,
– Industrial geodetic measurements,
– Land property price evaluation.
    After a short time our company has been recognized amongst all other enterprises dealing with industrial geodesy in the area of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia. In order to respond on the customers’ requirements, our service has been extended. New items in our offer include:
– Maps drawing for industrial projects purposes,
– Real–estate measurements,
– Geodetic investment surveying,
– Geodetic measurements of the ground reinforcement networks as a subcontractor.
    Since 2001 the offer of our company includes all geodetic services. In 2003 we started to export our service abroad i.e. to Tunisia and Iceland. Since 2002 our company is a member of Polish Chamber Surveying Enterprises.